Throughout the past 11 years, the company has been actively involve in developing solutions in Web domain, including mobile friendly sites (Responsive Web). The deployments ranges from normal company website, to complex AppStore and Enterprise services. The main selling value is the ability to drive the Web services through a Content Management System (CMS), thus increase the productivity and maintainability of the solution. The company developed an reusable and highly customizable CMS platform that allows us to adapt to individual project’s requirements without having to develop from scratch. ]

TechStudio Content Management Suite (TCMS) is a generic content managing platform that allows easy customization to meet different business requirements. Instead of attempting to purchase a complete CMS product that contains all possible features (which in many cases will be either overkill for client or require client to adapt to the product way of working), TechStudio CMS is a framework containing a suite of reusable modules that can be pieced together according to client’s needs.

The platform take into consideration of the operational requirement of various stakeholders within the content business value chain and incorporate functionalities that facilitate their day-to-day operational tasks.

Depending on the extend of the specific CMS required, relevant modules will be used to integrate the deployment with customization on the look-&-feel, workflow and reports. In this case, client will only “pay” for what they need, yet with the flexibility to extend anytime when the business required.