About Us

Established back in 2004, we have long grown from a humble small startup to a fully-fledged technologies vendor serving well-established organisations. Over the past 11 years, we’ve evolved from providing software development to a one-stop solutions provider offering a range of technology products & services. We are proud to be able to assist enterprises & organisations in transforming their ideas into implementations as well as solving their challenges through leveraging on various technologies. With a team of committed domains expertise, our possibilities are endless.

Our Vision

To be the world leading provider in offering convergent solutions around the company’s 4 pillar technologies through the commitment, competence and creativity of our teamwork.

Mission Statement

TechStudio mission is to create a one-stop environment for delivering the best possible solutions around our products to our partners, improving their IT efficiency and business profitability. We aim to achieve the best through three levels of core belief:

    • Level 1: Honor our commitment to our partners and cultivate long-term relationship by doing our best for them.
    • Level 2: Achieve best competency and creativity in every team members within the organisation. Cultivating a positive and motivating culture that we all feel proud of.
    • Level 3: Maximize Company branding and business growth, which in return maximize the benefit of stakeholders, team members and society.

Culture Statement

TechStudio Solutions cultivate an environment where all team members will be able to perform with:

    • Commitment: Give 100% commitment to the clients, company and tasks.
    • Ownership: Take full ownership in the responsibilities assigned
    • Excellence: Good is not enough. Always deliver with exceptional quality that adds value to all involved for the long term benefits.
    • Communication: Speak positively and listen actively. Keep active communication with all clients & stakeholders.
    • Success: Totally focus our thought, energy and attention on the successful outcome and willing to win while allowing others to win (Win-Win). At all time, display the inner pride, prosperity, competence and personal confidence to be a successful person.
    • Teamwork: Play the team leader and team member roles at suitable situation. Do whatever it takes to stay together and achieve team goals.
    • Professional: To perform the job in the professional manner, giving every task to full focus and commitment.
    • We strive for success through our participation, initiative, determination and perseverance.

“TechStudio – Deliver with commitment, competent & pride”

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